Official Sites:

Reddit Communities:

Youtube Channels:

  • ZoeTwoDots: This channel features general gameplay.
  • BrandonTan91: Bradnon Tan has 3 billion XP, so he certainly knows about grinding in Pokemon Go! His channel features general gameplay and PvP.
  • ZyoinK: Features PvP gameplay with excellent commentary.
  • FPSticks: FPSticks is a strong PvP player and is constantly on the Go Battle League leaderboard. His channel features his own game play.
  • PogoKieng: PogoKieng is a PvP player and coach. His channel features his own game play as well as those from his students.

Additional Resources:

  • Pokemon Go Friends Code: You can find the friend code from Pokemon Go players around the world.
  • PvPoke: An excellent source of information for PvP play. You can build teams for the different leagues and even simulate battle against PvPoke’s bot (note the bot is pretty good).
  • PokeBattler: PokeBattler provides resources for both PvP and PvE. Personally I use it more for deciding how to set my lineup against raid bosses.
  • Silph Road Official Site: The Silph Road brings research, tools, and community to Pokemon GO players around the world. Its researchers will run experiments to determine, for example, the shiny rate of a Pokemon for a certain event.