February 2022 Community Day – Hoppip

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February’s Community Day features Hoppip. If you evolve a Skiploom (Hoppip’s evolved form) to a Jumpluff between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm local time, that Jumpluff will get the exclusive charge move Acrobatics.

Usually when I determine how much time I’ll spend on a Community Day (it could be anywhere between “I’ll spend as much time as possible” to “I’ll catch a couple of shinies, evolve a couple to the final form so I have the exclusive move, and call it a day), I look at the following factors:

1. Is the exclusive move meta-relevant in any Go Battle leagues?
2. Is there a bonus worth chasing?
3. Is there a specific goal that I am trying to hit where the abundance of a single Pokemon species can help?

For Hoppip Community Day, below are my thoughts:

1. While the exclusive charge move Acrobatics is powerful, it has very little impact to the meta. Shadow Jumpluff ranks #70 in Great League according to PvPoke, and regular Jumpluff ranks #116 in Great League. In other leagues, the rankings are even lower. Conclusion: The exclusive charge move has no impact on PvP.

2. The most important bonus is the 3X catch stardust. For those who want to chase after stardust, make sure you use a Star Piece for the duration of the event to get 6x stardust.

A second bonus worth noting is that there are chances of Skiplooms appearing in parks, and catching Skiplooms can yield bonus XL candy. If you are chasing Hoppip XL candy, this will be an important bonus.

How do you know what area does Niantic consider as a park? The best way to do that is to head over to OpenStreetMap. Search for the name of the place you want to go to, and see if the key “leisure” has the value of “park.” If so, that location is considered as a park by Niantic and will spawn Skiploom during Community Day.

3. The answer to the third question is going to be different for each player. For me, right now the two main goals are:

  • a. Gain XP to level up.
  • b. Try to get a lucky perfect Bulbasaur, Gible, and Spheal. Through previous Community Days and trades I’ve made, I have enough XL candy to bring each one to level 50. Now I want the pokemon I use to max out to be a perfect lucky.

This is not going to be a great community day to gain XP for a couple of reasons:

  • a. Hoppip goes up and down on the screen, which makes it difficult to make excellent throws.
  • b. There is no 3x catch XP, like what we had in the two January Community Days.

At the same time, this Community Day doesn’t offer anything for me to achieve the second goal.


On balance, the Hoppip Community Day will allow people who want to accumulate stardust a good opportunity to do so, and it’s always worth it to catch three shinies (since there are three evolution forms, and I want one shiny for each) as well as evolving at least one final form (in this case Jumpluff) to get the exclusive move. But outside of that, this will be a pretty tame Community Day.